Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Your Special Angler

If the person you want to buy a gift for is a fly fisher, then, believe me, there is nothing more special than buying a fly fishing gift for him/her.

If you are reading this article about Fly Fishing Gifts, you probably do not know much about fly fishing or don’t know which gift will be perfect.

Don’t worry here is the best fly fish gift list for you to choose your gifts to buy.

  1. Cool Fly Fishing T-shirt
  2. Books Related To Fly Fishing
  3. A High-Quality Fly Rod
  4. Simple Measure Net Gift
  5. A Bottle Opener that is Also a Fish Belt
  6. Practice Casting Rod – Best For Beginners
  7. Cool Fly Fishing Hoodie
  8. Vehicle Rod Rack
  9. Polarized Sunglasses
  10. Fly Tying Tool Kit
  11. Ty-Rite
  12. GoPro For Fish Vlogging
  13. Fly Reel
  14. Gift Card
  15. Pontoon Boat
  16. Wading Jacket
  17. Waterproof Camera
  18. Wading Boots
  19. Day Tripping Cooler
  20. Mosquito Repellent
  21. Great Fishing Clothing

The above mentioned gifts are the best to buy for a fly fisher, and choosing the best one is up to you because only you know about the person and what he needs and how passionate he is about fly fishing.

I will explain each of these gifts below, so you will know which one to buy and what purpose they serve for fly fishers; that way, it will be easier for you to choose the best fly fishing gift. Let’s dive into the details of these fly fishing gifts.

Cool Fly Fishing T-Shirt

One of the most common and simple gifts you can give to impress a fly fisher is a cool fly fishing t-shirt. Especially one with a cool quote and fly fishing related images makes the t-shirt attractive for fly fishers.

If you manage to get the best t-shirt with a cool design related to fly fishing, then your special person will love the gift, and in my opinion, this is the simple and easy way to impress a fly fisher.

Fly Fishing T-shirt On Amazon

Another shop makes super cool t-shirts with bold and colorful fish designs; take a look at their design and choose if you like an amazon t-shirt, then buy from there.

Books Related To Fly Fishing

Buying a Fly Fishing related book depends on you; if the person you want to buy a gift is passionate about fly fishing and stuck in fly fishing, then buying him/her a book about fly fishing is the best. Fly Fishers loves to read about fly fishing, and it will be a very good gift.

For beginners, a How-To book will be a more suitable gift, while an advanced fly fisher can have more advanced books on the topic. These are a few simple but decent gifts for fly fishers.

Fly Fishing Books For Advance Fly Fisher (Amazon Link)

Fly Fishing Book For Beginner (Amazon Link)

Simple “Measure Net” Gift

A measure net will help fly fisher land fish easily and unharmed, and this is one of the best gifts you can give to a fly fisher. It is a useful and handy gift that a fly fisher will love.

Fly Fishers will not have to do guesswork on fish size and Measure Net will easily measure the fish. It is a “make life easier” gift, and if your fly fisher doesn’t have this, you should consider buying it for him/her.

A Bottle Opener That Is Also a Fish Belt

I know fly fisher already have belts, but a belt with the fish design will be so much fun, and fly fisher will love to have one of these belts. This is already exciting, but what if that fish designed belt is also a bottle opener? This will be a favorite thing to a fly fisher. Consider buying if you think your angler will love the fish belt.

This is a unique gift for flyfishers who like to collect unique fly fishing items, and if your angler is into these unique items, you should go with it.

Practice Casting Rod – Best for Beginners

This gift is for a beginner fly fisher or those who want to improve their fly fishing skills. Practice for newbies is very important, and fly fishing isn’t about your arms’ strength, but timing and rhythm are essential and very difficult to master. This will help improve fly fishing, and beginners will love this gift.

This gift is perfect for beginners and kids looking to improve their skills with this Practice Casting Rod.

Practice Casting Rod (Amazon Link)

Cool Fly Fishing Hoodie

Many Fly Fisher love fly fish related hoodies, and they like to show off images on the hoodies or funny fly fish associated quotes. This will be an excellent gift if he/she wears hoodies. You can easily find those unique looking hoodies related to fly fishing on amazon.

Buy On Amazon

Vehicle Rod Rack

When roads border rivers, and you have to move from one place to another by road, believe me, this Vehicle Rod Rack will become handy, and your fly fisher will love it. The reason to love this is that when you reach a new place, your rod is already ready for fly fishing; you don’t have to assemble again when getting to a new location by road. in a new tab)

Fly fishers will love this beautiful gift because of the time and effort they will save, and they can spend that time fly fishing instead of assembling a rod and getting it ready for fly fishing. It is not a metal or magnetic Rack that will need the effort to attach it to a vehicle, but a robust suction cup is attached, making the job a lot easier.

Buy On Amazon

Polarized Sunglasses

This is a beneficial gadget for a fly fisher because it enables a fly fisher to see underwater. When light reflects from the water’s surface, fly fisher can’t see under, and polarized sunglasses are created to cancel that disadvantage.

If your Fly Fisher doesn’t have this, he probably needs polarized sunglasses, and he might be planning to buy one soon. Why not buy them as a gift surely it will make him/her happy.

Bu On Amazon

Fly Tying Tool Kit

Fly tying Tool kits have necessary items to make a fly that flyfishers can use to catch fish. Some people love to make their fly, and every flyfisher will want to try this. You can buy it as a gift, and it comes at different prices and for varying levels of the fly tier, meaning a beginner will need an introductory fly tying tool kit or basic tool kit.

If he/she is already making flies and is an expert, consider buying an advanced tool kit for them.

For More Info and which tool kit to buy, Read More about Fly Tying Tool Kit.

Buy On Amazon

Gift Card

This probably doesn’t look like a fly fisher gift but believe me, this is the best gift you can give to a fly fisher because a gift card will allow them to buy any desired fly fishing equipment or stuff they want to buy.

The best part is you don’t have to make an effort to find the best gift, just buy a gift card and let fly fisher buy his desired product. I think this is a better approach when you are looking for a gift.

Simply, give this to a fly fisher, and he can buy whatever they want, and they will be happier to buy the equipment of their choice.

Many websites offer this, and I will mention some of the best below, so you don’t have to struggle to find the best gift card website.

  • With excellent customer service and a vast inventory of fly fishing equipment, this website is on top, and you can buy any gift or gift card; you will find your desired gift here.

  • They are the ones who make fly fishing cool and exciting; they have everything fly fishing-related and in super high quality; they will not disappoint you, and you can buy your gifts or gift cards from them.

  • Yeti Gift cards are the best, and they also have a wide variety of fly fishing equipment, and they provide good customer service.


Ty-Rite is the most straightforward and inexpensive gift; if you are looking for something simple and affordable to impress your fly fisher, then Ty-Rite is one of the best choices.

It is a cool gift for any fly fisher because this makes it easier and faster to tie a fly to line. And that way, a fly fisher can spend more time Fly Fishing instead of spending time tying knots to the line.

It costs only 15$ to 20$, and you can buy one for each of your fly fisher friends, isn’t it cool to make all of your friends happy, while spending less money.


GoPro for Fly Fish Vlogging

Fly fishers love to take photos of the fish they caught, and what is better than taking pictures is making a Video. Getting a catch on video will be more exciting and entertaining, and your angler friend can post it to YouTube or their blog; that way, they can grow their fan base.

Simply put, if you are not an expert in fly fishing gifts and don’t know much about which one to buy to make your angler happy, then simply go with GoPro and make your fly fisher happy.

I will recommend GoPro Hero Session and GoPro Hero5 because of their waterproof ability, wide angles, and amazing 4k quality videos.

GoPro Hero Session (Amazon Link)

GoPro Hero5 (Amazon Link)

Fly Reel

If someone asks me which gift I want, without any delay, I will reply Fly Reel; Yes, Fly Reel is the best gift that you can give to an angler. You may think this looks boring, but it’s not, and your fly fisher will be more than happy to see the fly reel as a gift.

Buying a Fly Reel as a gift is like buying an engagement ring for an angler, they will be more than happy, and you might get an emotional pic. Well, seriously, it is a great gift to give an angler; if you can afford this gift, then go with it and don’t worry about if the angler will like it or not, because he is going to like it.

I will mention some of the best reels below, so you don’t have to go on reel hunting and pick the best one.

Best ValueLamson Force SL Series II Fly Reel
Best Mid RangePiscifun Platte Fully Sealed Drag Large Arbor
Best Budget Angler Dream

Pontoon Boat

This is the awesome gift you can give to an angler, pontoon boats are super cool, and you can easily pack them, so you don’t have to own a truck to carry them to the river.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a pontoon boat to catch bigger fish. Two people can easily sit in a pontoon boat. If you are considering buying this gift, then angler will be so happy to have this gift because it is so cool to have a pontoon boat.

Not sure which pontoon boat to buy? Read this fantastic article to guide you to the best pontoon boats.

Fly Fishing Clothing for Him and Her

If you are looking for some great clothing for both him and her, things like shirts, hoodies, tie-dyed shirts then check them out HERE

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