Fly Fishing Equipment For Beginners What Do I Need To Start

Fly Fishing Equipment For Beginners What Do I Need To Start

This is a very good question because first, you need to decide which type of fly fishing you are going to do.

You can practice fly fishing in many different ways or styles. It is important to decide what will work well for you. Deciding which style you would use during fly fishing will help you decide on the right gear. This even goes for the kind of water you are targeting and the fish species. Deciding on a style of fly fishing will save you a lot of frustration and disappointment. While deciding on this aspect, be aware of your level of expertise and interests.

Do You Have A Friend Or Neighbor?

The reason that I ask this is, I know you have friends and neighbors. But I am talking about ones that are fly fishing already and have some knowledge that they can help you with. They might be able to help you decide if you want to do some creek or pond fly fishing. This is a good place to catch some small trout or some small panfish. You might want to do some river and stream fly fishing for some of the larger species of fish.

Fly Rods

I just wanted you to Notice Fly Rods not Fly Fishing Poles

Rod Size Chart

There are so many sizes, types and lengths that it is unbelievable there could be so many. Rod weight can be confusing because they are not talking about how much the rod weighs. They are generally talking about the size of the line that it can use.

Fly rods and fly lines generally come in “weights” from 1 to 15 weight. The “1 weight” is the smallest/lightest weight, and the “15 weight” the biggest/heaviest.
When a fly rod is said to be or is rated as, a “5 weight rod”, this means that it is made to be used with a “5 weight fly line.” An “8 wt.” rod takes an “8 wt.” line; a 4 wt. the rod can handle a 4 wt. line; and this is the same for all of them.

One rod, 3 line weights

Most modern graphite fly rods, regardless of length or rod weight, can handle multiple lines. Most are capable of handling one line weight above and one below the line weight for which the rod is rated. For example, 5 wt. rod could also be used with 4 or 6 wt. lines.

Fly Fishing Reels

I would recommend starting out with a basic reel that doesn’t cost you your arm or leg. Fly fishing reels can run from $15.00 up to hundreds of dollars.

Fly Fishing lines

Again there are fly lines that start around $15..00 and go over $125.00

Fly Fishing Combo

I would probably buy a Fly Fishing Combo pack for around $100.00 and save some money for other items.

Then you will probably need some boots, waders. and a Float vest.

You might need some extra tippet, leader, and snips.

We are going to need some bugs or flies to catch some fish.  Oh and a net to land them with

You might want to have a case to hold your different flys.

You don’t want to forget your hat.

Sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from UV rays. Polarized preferably to help you see the fish through the sun’s glare.

Don’t forget some dry clothes in case you fall or slip in, and a jacket can come in handy with a breeze off the water.

Go to a fly fishing class

If you can find a fly fishing class near you that might be very helpful for you. Some classes have a lot of benefits that will enhance your fly fishing expertise. You might find a fly fishing class at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and some other  large fishing outlets in your area. You might want to check out fly fishing clubs in your area or college.

They can help you learn how to cast. The correct flies to use for the different styles of fishing you are going to do.

  • Learn how to tie the correct knots for each part of the class.
  • Yes, there are different knots for tying the backing to the reel.
  • There is a different knot for tying the line to the backing.
  • Tie a different knot for the tippet to the line.
  • Several different kinds of knots to tie the flies to the tippet.

The above is just to let you know that it is not just to buy a rod and reel and go fishing. If that is what you do you will probably get discouraged and give up. I hope that you learn what you need to learn so that you and your family and friends can enjoy the great outdoors.

Do not get overwhelmed with what you are reading. Taking a class or knowing, or finding someone who knows something about fly fishing can be very helpful for you.

Don’t get discouraged, remember we all started the same way you are. We all started from the beginning.

Dean Jensen

I started fly fishing in 1972 and I have learned quite a bit about this wonderful sport called fly fishing and I want to share some of the things that I have learned.

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