Fly Fishing Magazine Top 12 Magazines

Fly fishing magazine top 12 magazines.

If you are as passionate about fly fishing as I am and would like to take your reading to a whole new level. You can do this by combining your hobby with a bit of learning, so maybe you need a new magazine subscription.

The fact is that there are many fly fishing publications you should keep in mind. So, with so many different choices available, which one should you pick for your next subscription?

First off, we need to emphasize that many of the following suggestions also have online editions, most of which are free. Of course, you won’t get the same articles as those in the printed issues, in that you’ll need to pay a small fee to have access to some of the digital writing pieces.

Nevertheless, online subscriptions are often more affordable, and that’s why they are slowly but surely becoming more popular with time. Plus, many anglers now own tablets or iPads that they can conveniently use for reading their magazine issues.

So, let’s move on to the most popular fly fishing magazines in the United States of America.

Fly fishing magazines top 12 magazines. Here are my picks. The Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, Drake Magazine, Fly Tyers Magazine, Fly Magazine, Catch Magazine, Scale Magazine, Southern Culture On The fly, Lure Magazine.

The Fly Fisherman Magazine:

The Fly Fisherman Magazine has been known as the leading magazine of fly fishing for more than 45 years.

They always try to bring you the best information on local as well as exotic destinations. Along with tactics and techniques to help fly fishers of all skill levels catch more fish.

Trying to find new fly patterns from the world’s best tiers. Bringing you the latest news on how we are trying to preserve and restore the precious fisheries.

Their contributors include internationally recognized authorities like Lefty Kreh, Rene Harrop, and Dave Whitlock. .

They have a lot of the younger generation of guides and fly tiers. People like April Volkey, Blane Chocklett, Charlie Craven and Oliver White. Who are exploring new frontiers, and along the way trying to find better ways of solving old problems.

Together they’ll give you an understanding of the challenges and the rewards, so you will get more out of the sport. Whether you are swinging for winter steelhead or tying flies in your man cave.

American Angler Magazine:

American Angler Magazine is packed with many featured articles. These will give you some of the facts and practical tips that you need for successful fly fishing.

American Angler includes both in-depth information on affordable places to stay and fish right here in the U.S.A.

These include proven techniques that will work on your home waters. The magazine’s regular columns will bring you the latest in tackle and techniques. These efforts will help to protect and enhance our fisheries and how to fish in both salt and fresh water. 

Greg Thomas just started as the American Angler’s editor-in-chief. His work has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including the New York TimesField & Stream, and Outside.

He also has six books to his credit, including Fly Bible Montana and Fly Fisher’s Guide to Washington. He grew up in the southeast part of Alaska and Seattle, Washington.

Then he moved to the northern Rockies in his late teens. Now he lives in Missoula, Montana, and will fish for about anything that swims, wherever that may take him.

You can expect that this fly fishing magazine will probably change over time. With some new relevant stories and some great photography being the biggest and best part of the change.

Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine:

The Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine is an inspiring, collectible reference of angling destinations east of the Mississippi River. The staff at Eastern Fly Fishing takes great pride in their commitment to the highest standards of publishing.

Starting with timely, well-written articles by the region’s talented writers, and award-winning photography, the layout, and design. It all started in the spring of 2005.

The Eastern Fly Fishing is the magazine of choice for many of the fly anglers all around the region. Their area of coverage includes the Northeast, Southeast, along with the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Eastern Canada.

Featured Articles:

Each issue of the Eastern Fly Fishing magazine features several different angling destinations. These include both of the famous and lesser-known waters.

Featured articles will also provide some more in-depth coverage of the fisheries. This as well as valuable insights and tantalizing anecdotes that will both entertain and inform.

In addition, each of the articles includes a hand-produced custom map of the fishery. These maps will highlight all of the important landmarks covered in the article.

The writing is superb and the photography is stunning!

Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine:

The Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine is a collection and reference of some of the best Northwest angling destinations. The staff at the Northwest Fly Fishing magazine takes pride in its commitment to the highest standards of publishing.

It starts with timely, well-written articles by the region’s talented writers, to the award-winning photography, layout, and design. Starting in the summer of 1999, the Northwest Fly Fishing is the magazine of choice for fly anglers all around the region. The area of coverage includes Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Western Canada.

Feature Articles:

Each issue of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine features many angling destinations that are in the great Northwest. These include both famous and some of the lesser-known waters.

Some of the features of the articles provide some in-depth coverage of the fishery. This as well as some valuable insights and some tantalizing anecdotes that will both entertain and inform. In addition, each of the articles includes a hand-produced custom map of the fishery.

This highlights all of the important landmarks covered in the article. The writing is superb and the photography is stunning!

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine:

Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine is a collectible reference of some Southwest angling destinations. All of the staff at Southwest Fly Fishing takes pride in its commitment to its high standards of publishing.

It goes from the timely, and well-written editorial by the region’s most talented writers, to award-winning photography, layout, and design.
Launched in the fall of 2000, Southwest Fly Fishing is the magazine of choice for fly anglers around the region. The area of coverage includes Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Mexico Southern California, and Central America.

Feature Articles:

Each issue of Southwest Fly Fishing magazine has several angling destinations, which includes both the famous and the lesser-known waters. The feature articles provide some very in-depth coverage of the fishery. This as well as the valuable insights and tantalizing anecdotes that will both entertain and inform.

In addition, each article includes a hand-produced map of the fishery. That will highlight all of the important landmarks that are covered in the article. The writing is good and the photography is awesome.

Drake Magazine: is an added supplement to the Drake Magazine, a grassroots journal for fly fishing enthusiasts. It was founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the summer of 1998 on the principle that too much contemporary outdoor writing gives away all the answers to people who never learned what the questions were.

Today it includes emerging voices right alongside tried and true veteran craftsmen and women. The Drake magazine is distributed throughout the area and is expanding into other regions of North America. But it also has some good writing about anywhere in the world.

The Drake Magazine is not an instructional publication – it is for your reading and viewing enjoyment. The website will include stories and photos from the magazine, but we recommend you buy the real thing.

Tom Bie – Editor:

Tom is the founder, the publisher, and he is also the editor-in-chief of The Drake. He started the magazine in 1998 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and grew it from a 32-page newsprint rag to a respected 124-page glossy—now featuring writers such as David James Duncan, Ted Leeson, Tom McGuane, Ian Frazier, Scott Sadil, and Monte Burke.

Geoff Mueller – Senior Editor:

Geoff cut his editorial teeth working for the Interior B.C. newspaper circuit before he got started here. Before he came to The Drake in April 2010 to head senior editor duties as the magazine transitions into a quarterly publication cycle. He is the former managing editor at Fly Fisherman Magazine. He is a frequent contributor at Angling Trade and British Colombia based Kootenay Mountain Culture magazines.

Grant Summerlin – Online Editor:

Grant is not only the’s website developer he is also president of 7 Weight website development company.

Fly Tyer Magazine:

Fly Tyer Magazine Has Always Been Known As Home To The Best Fly Fishing And Tying Authors In The World. That was true when our publication was founded in 1978. They are happy to be celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

This magazine is the largest fly tying magazine in the world that is dedicated to the art of tying flies. Fly Tyer Magazine is the fourth largest Fly Fishing Magazine in the world.

There are many online magazines, here are a few.

This is Fly: 

Fly Magazine as the name suggests, is devoted to fly fishing. These guys are very good at covering the saltwater destinations for fly fishing. In this magazine, you can find coverage of fly fishing from the mainstream to the fringes.

It also has a lot of coverage of the crucial cultural errata – visual art and music, in particular. Each issue features a soundtrack – a soundtrack! – that you can play in the background while dreaming about 7′ tarpon ripping the rod out of your hands.

Catch Magazine: 

Catch Magazine centers around fishing photography – really, really good fishing photography. This is the brainchild of Brian O’Keefe, an old school fly-head, and photographer. Each of these issues features first-run photography and short films along with accompanying text, of course.

FIST BUMP to the writers out there centered around fly fishing. Now, word to the wise, only part of the content is free – much of it is locked behind a paywall. I think that you will enjoy the free content, honestly, and I can say that the free content is solid.

Scale Magazine:

Scale Magazine is a bit newer than some of the others. As you can see the previous two examples are really not devoted solely to fly fishing. It isn’t headquartered in the US, it comes from Germany and, it is available in both English and German.

This magazine does cover a lot of different fishing styles, destinations, and subjects, the most impressive thing is the depth. Even with the great variance of the topics, they are given top-notch treatment. I feel like I pick up some practical knowledge with every issue.

Southern Culture On The Fly:

Southern Culture On The Fly is another very good fly-fishing magazine. It also is known as being largely devoted to fly fishing in the southern United States. These folks do a great job highlighting the amazing diversity of fisheries in the southern US.

From the saltwater flats in Florida to the trout in the Southern Appalachians to the old reliable largemouth bass. Which are pretty much everywhere! Of all the magazines featured here, I think this one has the strongest voice.

 Lure Magazine:

Lure Magazine the newest kid on the block, and as the name suggests, it is devoted to gear fishing. Interestingly enough, this is also a European based magazine, so I guess gear anglers of the US haven’t caught onto the trend of self-published online magazines. Whatever their geography, this magazine rips lips with the best of ’em.

There you have it! All the reading you need to get you through the next couple weeks of office doldrums. Her is a Pro-tip: Alt-Tab (or Command-Tab on a Mac) can be a lifesaver when your boss is headed to your desk. If you have you found another great online fishing magazine let us know in the comments!

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