Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 7 Good Combos

Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 7 Good Combos

First off let me start by saying that I’m no expert at teaching kids to cast a fly line. I’m always amazed that some folks seem to think that just because I’m a fly fisherman that I know about teaching kids how to fly fish. Remember the old adage: If you can’t do something, write about it or something like that.

Fly Fishing rods for kids here are some good combos. I wish some of these kids’ fly fishing rod combos had been available when I started my own son out on his journey into fly fishing. He began by using an 8 foot 6wt fiberglass rod that had been one of my old rods.

I was afraid to have him use this rod partially because it might’ve been a bit long for him to handle at first. But I’ll be honest:  my real hesitation was that I was worried he might break or otherwise trash my equipment!

Fortunately, my son has always had a knack for anything involving movements of the arm that resemble a throwing type motion (rocks, baseballs, etcetera).  He was always pretty coordinated as a youngster. So the basics of fly casting came fairly easily to him and my gear suffered no serious damage.

He was 11 years old when he first went fly fishing with me, and he could have done so earlier. I felt this was a perfect time to introduce him to the sport of fly fishing. 

Maybe it was the perfect time for me to introduce him to the sport. He already liked fishing well catching, that is and I felt that he had the patience to deal with the inevitable pitfalls of fly casting. Things like line tangles, wind knots, losing flies with bad casts, and not hurrying your casts.

Kids Today:

Today’s kids have a selection of quality offerings specifically geared toward the younger angler. Something shorter than the “standard” 9 footers can make a rod more manageable in the hands of a child. A medium action blank helps young casters feel the rod loading (that is if you can get them to slow down and “feel” the rod!). 

At first, my son just started to wave the stick back and forth without any regard for what the rod tip, and what the line, was doing. This is probably something most youngsters will do at first.

But by giving them a good rod that isn’t a broomstick it will greatly improve their casting once they get the hang of it. If you have kids, you know that they like having their own stuff. So if a fly rod to call their own makes them more excited to get out there and use it, I’d say that’s a good thing.

I’ve assembled information about several good bets for the budding young fly anglers in your lives. I want you to know that these are not fly rod reviews because I have not tested any of these products.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Here is what comes with this combo check it on Amazon

9 ft. 5/6 weight, 4 pc rod, large arbor reel, preinstalled line, backing and leader, a rod sock, and rod case. It has a fly box, flies, and a detailed instruction book. Includes spare leader, zinger and nipper/knot tying tool.

Rod comes with Lifetime Warranty. Slow action, mid flex IM8 graphite design, aluminum reel seat, stainless steel stripper guide with SiC ring, stainless steel single foot snake guides and hook keeper. 7” western-style grip made with high-quality cork and compressed cork trim rings.

Waterproof, Floating Fly Box – 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.25″, custom foam design, holds up to 372 flies. Includes 3 each of Black Ants, Parachute Adams, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph flies, all size 14. Best suited for Trout, Panfish, small streams, ponds, and backpacking

Die-cast Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel – Large arbor design reel, pre-loaded 20-pound blaze orange backing, weight forward 5-weight floating fly line, and 9’ 5X leader. Die-cast aluminum spool, frame and reel foot, stainless steel internal components, quick release spool, and disc drag for fine tension adjustments.

Wild Water is a US-based company started in 2006. US-based support. Package includes rod bag, lightweight rod case with a zippered storage pouch, starter booklet, and gift box packaging.

Wild Water 9′, 5/6 Weight, 4 Piece Fly Rod

Our 9′ rod easily breaks down into 4 sections that are each 28.75″ in length for storage in the rod sock and protective case.

This IM6 Graphite rod is designed for 5 or 6 weight line and has a mid-flex, slow action and weighs 5.7 ounces.

All Wild Water Starter Package rods come with high-quality stainless steel, single foot, snake guides, and Silicon Carbide stripper guides with stainless steel frames.

A stainless steel hook keeper on the rod will allow for easy storage of your fly.

The Western style cork grip allows for easy handling of the rod and is accented with compressed cork trim rings.

Rod comes in our black Wild Water case with zippered pouch. Outside length of the case is 32″.

Machined aluminum reel seat, fixed reel hood, and sliding ring safely secure the reel to the rod with 2 locking rings. It is Titanium in color, anodized finish.

Cloth rod sock is divided into 4 compartments for rod storage.

Wild Water logo laser etched on the end of the rod.

Wild Water’s Small Fly Box & Fly Assortment

Waterproof seal keeps contents dry.

Custom designed foam inserts for fly storage.

Complete Starter Package comes with 9 flies: Winged Black Ant, size 14, Parachute Adams, size 14 and Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph, size 14.

Wild Water 5/6 Die Cast Aluminum Fly Reel

Large Arbor Aluminum fly fishing reel comes preinstalled with 20# backing, weight forward 5 weight floating line and a 5X 9′ tapered leader.

Spool can be removed from the frame with the quick release tab.

Stainless components are for use in freshwater and saltwater.

Large drag adjustment knob so you can fine tune drag adjustment.

The reel is set up for left-handed retrieve, but can easily be converted to right-handed retrieve.

Wild Water’s “How to Fly Fish” Booklet and one spare 9 foot, 5 X leader.

Fly Fishing Starter Package Reference Guide:

Quick reference guide for getting started in fly fishing.

Instructions and diagrams for assembling the fly rod and attaching the fly reel.

Basic knot tying techniques illustrated.

Tips show you how to care for the equipment.

Most common fly fishing questions can be answered by referring to this guide.

Monofilament Leader:

1- 5X. 9′ clear, nylon, monofilament leader is included with the package. It is a 4.3-pound test

This is great for fishing for trout, small bass, bluegill and crappies.

Easily straightens by stretching.

Line Nipper Tool and Zinger:

 Line Nipper Tool:

Line nipper tool to easily trim your tippet, leader or line

Nail Knot tool included.

Needle so you can clean out the hook eye.

Retractable Zinger:

Easily attach the line nipper tool or forceps for quick access.

Attach the retractable reel to shirt, vest, coat or waders using clip on the back of the reel

RUNCL Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Check the price here on Amazon

4-PIECE FLY ROD: FUJI A guides (tip-top, running and stripping guides) reduces line friction for smooth casts and retrieves. High-grade cork grip adds hand comfort and extra rod control.

Solid wood reel seat with a down locking design makes this system the least likely to slip. Stainless steel hook holder keeps any hook for added convenience. Medium-fast action delivers crisp fly-flipping strength and the precision to gently place your pattern right in front of a surfacing trout

DIE CAST FLY REEL: Large-arbor reel (5/6) retrieves line faster, allows the force it takes to pull the line out remains consistent. It minimizes line memory and also leads to longer line life.

The impact-resistant, smooth-rolling reel features Teflon disc-drag system, 2+1 ball bearing system and gear ratio 1:1, delivers uninterrupted and balanced performance. And this die-cast aluminum reel comes preloaded for tie-on-a-fly-and-fish convenience

WEIGHT-FORWARD FLY LINE: The tapered fly line delivers your fly with precision, excellent for general casting and shooting line long distances. SEAGULL I 9′ #5 comes with WF5F fly line 100ft, 20LB backing line 65Yds, 3X tapered leader line 9ft.

HANDMADE FLY FLIES: Comes with a wide assortment of 100% handmade fishing flies with proven colors and patterns for all types of fly-fishing, ideal for any hatch and surface at any time


RUNCL SEAGULL I is equipped with a 4-piece fly fishing rod 9′ (3.46oz), large-arbor reel (5/6), weight-forward line 100ft, 12pcs handmade flies and rod case with a zippered storage pouch, a complete fly fishing gift kit for any beginner or addictive anglers

This is a complete fly fishing gift kit for any beginner or addictive anglers.

Package Includes

1 × 4-piece fly fishing rod 9′ (3.46 oz)

2 × Large-arbor reel (5/6)

3 × Weight-forward line 100 ft.

4 × Handmade flies 12 pcs

5 × Rod case with a zippered storage pouch

Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This Kit comes in two different Sizes You can check them Here on Amazon

FLY FISHING COMBO: Start your fly-fishing adventures with a top-quality fly fishing combo at an affordable price. A 4-piece 5/6wt 9-foot rod, with a mid arbor reel with drag, pre-spooled line, backing and leader, a carrying rod case, a zinger retractor, a fly box, 3/4 dozen of 3 different fly patterns and a stainless steel line cutter.

FLY ROD: Super lightweight 5# 9-foot Slow Action for sunfish, small trout and small streams, a great size for beginners. Half wells cork handle helps your casting accuracy and avoids fatigue. Anodized-aluminum reels seat, oversized stripping guides, color-coded alignment dots, black-matte-finished blanks, and premium-grade cork handles.

FLY REEL: Traditional Black 5/6wt fly reel is made by die-cast premium aluminum alloy. The smooth click drag provides accurate and immediate drag engagement. Mid-arbor design reduces line memory while also facilitating lightning-quick line pickup. Pre-spooled fly line, backing line, and leader to save your time.

FLY FISHING ACCESSORIES: The fly box has a lanyard so you can easily keep it on you without losing it. 3/4 dozen of 3 different fly patterns in the box and it has already prepared for your fly fishing. The stainless steel line clippers are pretty durable and easy to carry.

FRIENDLY TRAVEL: This harden case holds everything in the package, the zippered pouch on the bottom side of the case keeps all your stuff safe. A must-have for a fly fishing starter!

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

You can see it here on Amazon.

 Complete 5/6 weight Fly Fishing Rods Reel Combo Kit – 4 piece fly rod contains a free rod tip, a large arbor reel, preinstalled line, a fly box, flies, and a lightweight rod case and comes with a zippered storage pouch.

Premium Performance Fly Rod – The mid flex IM8 graphite fly rod comes with stainless steel stripper guide which reduces friction and heat, and won’t harm the fish line.

It’s also made up of superior single foot snake guides and metal adjustable CNC aluminum reel seat which effectively avoids loose swing phenomenon on fishing. The western-style grip made with high-quality cork and compressed cork trim rings helps your casting accuracy and avoids fatigue.

Die-cast Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel – Durable aluminum construction and spool, the Gear ratio is 1:1. One-way only roller bearing system, Ball Bearings: 2+1BB. Superior Teflon disk drag design, Line Weight: 5/6 External Dia: 2-9/10″, Net Weight: 5.2 oz. Pre-loaded 20lb 98ft backing, weight forward 6-weight floating 100ft fly line, and 9ft 3X leader.

Floating Fly Flies Kit and Excellent Rod Case – The Beginner Fly Fishing Kit is composed of a 4.5″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″ waterproof fly box and 16 flies. It’s the best fishing kit suited for trout, panfish, small streams, ponds, and backpacking. The study rod case with a zippered storage pouch holds everything you need for fly fishing. It suits a wide range of abilities and techniques, especially for starters and experienced anglers.

Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Includes Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod

Fishing Reel

Fly Fishing Line

Carrying Case

Some fishing lures

Some fishing lures or flies

Fly Fishing Rod Detail:

Grab the Greys 4-Piece GS Fly Rod. This no-nonsense fly pole breaks down for easy traveling. High compression molding for increased fiber density, reducing weight with uncompromised durability.

Focused energy transfer creates greater connectivity with less effort. The graphite scrim layered construction reduces weight and increases cross-sectional durability and performance.

Graphite rods are noted for their lightweight, dependability, and smooth feel.

Cork handle Salt water anodized reel seat

Length: 8′ Weight: Approx. 4 oz.

Line Weight: 5/6 Breakdown Length: 27″

Designed for the serious angler who doesn’t want to break the bank, this 4-piece rod incorporates high-end features while maintaining an attractive price point.

Moderate/fast action suits a wide range of abilities and techniques. The durable, 30-ton carbon fiber blank delivers performance typically reserved for top-dollar fly rods.

Chromed Stainless Steel Snake Guides provide a lifetime of corrosion resistance. Up-locking

Aluminum Alloy Reel Seat; The components create a look and feel you’d expect from a rod costing three times as much.

Cast one, price it, compare it, and you will buy one more!

Fly Fishing Reel:

Die-cast, super large arbor spool design; High-quality aluminum material. Gear ratio is 1:1Ball Bearings: 2+1BBSuperior Teflon disk drag design; Line Weight: 5/6External Dia.: 2-9/10″; Net Weight: 5.2 oz.

Redington Minnow Kids’ Fly-Fishing Combo:

You can see the price on Amazon here

Easy casting medium action

Shorter rod length makes it easy for young anglers to handle

Alignment dots for easy rod setup

Combo includes Minnow rod, Crosswater reel pre-spooled with Rio mainstream weight forward fly line, and Cordura rod tube.

Limited 1 year Warranty

Product Description

The all new Minnow rod was designed and tuned to meet the needs of younger anglers. With its shorter rod length and a medium action that allows for easy casting and enjoyable days on the water..

The Set Contains:

One Redington 580-4 Minnow Outfit W/ Crosswater Reel 5 Wt 8’0″” 4Pc Color 1

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Here is a link to Amazon


  • ONE Fly Rod (9 ft. 5/6 weight, 4 pcs rod),
  • ONE Fly Reel(size:5/6),
  • 100FT Fly Line, backing and leader,
  • ONE rod case,
  • ONE fly box, 12PCS flies,
  • Spare leader,
  • Zinger and Nipper,
  • ONE Carrying Case, Very easy to carry around

The Rod:

4 sections designed medium-fast action fly fishing rods, fly rods made from carbon fiber, durable and extra lightweight,

Metal adjustable fishing reels seat, texture, simple and firm.

 Mid flex IM8 graphite design, aluminum reel seat, stainless steel stripper guide with SiC ring, stainless steel single foot snake guides and hook keeper.

7” western-style grip made with high-quality cork and compressed cork trim rings helps your casting accuracy, avoids fatigue.

The Reel:

This fly reel is made of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary ones.2+1 Ball Bearings and 1:1 Gear Ratio, One-way roller bearing engages drag in one direction, Strong All-aluminum construction.

This is what is included:

  • 1 Fly fishing Rod
  • 1 Fly fishing Reel
  • 1 100 ft. Fishing Line
  • 1 Backing Line
  • 1 Tapered Leader
  • 1 Connector
  • 1 Zinger and Zipper
  • 12 Fly Fishing Flies

The combo includes everything that you will need to start fly fishing. A convenient zippered case helps you carry everything when you go fishing. This freshwater fly reel is good for multi-species fishing in, rivers, lakes, streams, and creeks.

Ideal for all fly fishing species such as Trout, Grayling, Salmon and other predatory fish.

This fly combo is designed to cover almost every application of fly fishing.

  • Includes a fly fishing starter guide for getting started in fly fishing.
  • Most common fly fishing questions can be answered by referring to this guide.
  • Take the Sougayilang 9ft Fly Rod Reel Full Kit on your next fly-fishing trip and enjoy the strong 4-piece rod and Smooth reel.
  • Whether you’re battling trout, bass, or panfish, this combo is going to give you a prize catch.

If you have a little more to spend then, this just might be for you. The Reddington is a good startup combo.

Redington Crosswater Youth Ultimate Fly Fishing Starter Bundle

Here is a link if you want to check it on Amazon.

Is your kid ready for some fly fishing adventures? Looking for fly fishing gear that’s kid-sized and fisher-approved?

We’ve got you covered. This kit comes with Redington Crosswater Youth Fly Fishing Waders,

Redington Crosswater Youth Fly Fishing Wading Boots, and a Redington Crosswater Youth Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Outfit for the little newbie fisherperson.

The Redington Crosswater line has proved to be great for beginners and available at unbeatable prices, so creating Crosswater gear just for youths was a no-brainer.

Redington Crosswater Youth Waders – 3-layer, waterproof/breathable DWR coated, 100% polyester fabric, belt loops with a wading belt, opposing strap buckles, converts to waist high, integrated gravel-guards with a hook, high-density neoprene booties, front flip-out pocket with YKK zipper.

Redington Crosswater Youth Wading Boots – Lightweight mesh, sticky walnut rubber sole, rubber toe cap, supportive body, deep draw lacing, molded non-corrosive metal hardware, stud compatible.

Redington Crosswater Youth Rod & Reel Outfit – All water, moderate-fast action combo. It has a versatile 4-piece, 5/6 weight, 8′ 6″ graphite rod with alignment dots and durable anodized aluminum reel seat.

The pre-spooled reel comes with RIO Mainstream WF fly line and knotless leader.

It also comes with a zippered carrying case.

Bundle Includes:

  • Redington Crosswater Youth Waders
    • Keeps kids dry on the water
    • Converts to waist high
  • Redington Crosswater Youth Wading Boots
    • Protects kids’ feet and prevents slipping
    • Supportive, lightweight, and quick drying
  • Redington Crosswater Youth Rod & Reel Outfit
    • 586-4 graphite rod with pre-spooled reel and case

The point of what I do here is to offer a few good options for your parents to consider. And I recommend you visit your local fly shop to check out their selection of kid’s rods first.

Please note that any information included here about these fly rod combos comes directly from the manufacturer’s/retailer’s websites and do not reflect the opinion of this writer.

Based on these offerings from reputable manufacturers, young anglers don’t have to fish with junk equipment that’s little more than a colorful toy, and parents don’t have to break the bank to get quality gear for their kids. 

Kids are the future of the sport, so get them away from their video games, get them a rod they’ll be thrilled to call their own, tie on a woolly bugger, and take ’them fishing! You’ll be glad that you did, and so will they.

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