Fly Fishing Safety Equipment

Fly Fishing Safety Equipment:

Fly fishing safety equipment. If you are new to fly fishing. Then you must be having a hard time finding out about the safety equipment you will need to invest in. As it turns out there are quite a few things below here that you will need to get started. 

Starting from what to wear and where to buy it’s a long journey of selecting and buying. To help make things better, we have compiled a list of essentials you should have when you are shopping for fly fishing safety equipment.

We also have added the top three products you should buy in all these categories which will make your fly-fishing experience pleasant and stress-free.

Fly Fishing Rods:

Choosing the best fly fishing rod is extremely important because if it’s not in top working order, things can go very wrong when you are actually fishing.

If your rod has a crack or breaks or it separates, it can result in a catastrophe. Therefore for your first safety equipment buy a rod from a manufacturer that you can trust. Better yet, look at the three choices below that we have selected for you.

1) Temple Fork Outfitters TFO BVK Series:

When fly fishing, the biggest thing you are looking for in a fishing rod is its weight and response. The temple fork fly rod is both lightweight and highly responsive as it is engineered to the highest performance standards.

These rods are designed in such a way that no matter what the fishing conditions are. Whether you are doing freshwater or saltwater fly fishing, they will always come in handy.

The guides are made of stainless steel and impregnated with hard chromium which makes them extremely durable. The rod itself is translucent black with carbon fiber reel seat.

The handle grips are contoured and offer comfort and style. Overall, if you are looking for a lightweight but aggressive and powerful fishing rod, this is the one to go for. Available at Amazon in 3 to 10 – weight.

2) Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods:

The brand AETOS is synonymous with the highest quality and performance standards so it is no wonder that the fly rod from them ticks all the boxes. These rods have modern tapers which are artfully crafted so that it gives the rods the ultimate lightweight feel.

They have a large diameter with gun smoke stripper guides and also feature double foot gun smoke snake guides. The rod itself is deep blue with carbon flake accents. The reel seat is made of aluminum and has anodized double unlock and down lock. The cork handle is AAA grade.

They have four different models available suiting your fly-fishing style. Freshwater, saltwater, switch, and spey rods. All the models come equipped with Fenwick cloth covered rod tube and bag. You can check them out at Amazon.

3) Berkley Fenwick World Class Fly Rod:

As the name suggests, this one is truly world class as they have been designed keeping the next generation in mind. Extremely high performance is guaranteed when you buy the Berkley Fenwick world class rod. The blanks are powerful and lightweight but with zero compromise on durability.

They are made after a lot of research from 3M Powerful 500 resin which is great for dispersing the tension within the road evenly.

It is extremely lightweight so you do not feel the pressure neither you are subjected to blank diameters. The reel seats are made of hardwood and aluminum while the cork handles are  High-grade custom tapered. Fenwick also offers a limited lifetime guarantee on this product. You can see them here at Amazon.

Fly Fishing Reels:

Sage Fly Reel

Once you have picked out your fly rod, next is the fishing reel. People will tell you that a reel is not that important in fly fishing gear but it really is.

A good quality fly reel will help you make the biggest of catches with its drag system. A cheap quality drag system will not hold up to the running of a fish.

You should also consider picking one that can hold the necessary amount of backing and fly line for the weight of the rod that you are fishing with. Here are three choices:

 1) Redington Zero Fly Reel:

Do you know what the zero stands for in the title? Zero represents minimum weight. Yes, the Redington zero fly reel is so light that you will be amazed to find it even in your hands.

Claiming to be the lightest reel in town, it combines high performance with affordability and class. They have utilized a die-cast construction which has enabled them to create a lightweight design. Which is not achievable with the other reels manufactured by CNC machining processes.

Also equipped with a durable clicker drag system, it has a soft-touched handle which offers supreme grip and control, comes with a lifetime warranty and available in four colors of black, sand, teal and creamsicle. You can see them here at Amazon

2) Hardy Ultralite CADD Fly Reel:

If freshwater fly fishing is your specialty and you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing and beautifully constructed. You will need to go for the hardy Ultralite series.

They have two-tone anodizing and a 360-degree color coded drag system making it lightweight yet extremely durable.

These reels are designed with an ultra-large conical arbor which dramatically reduces the drag gain on long runs. The 360 color-coded system is there to deliver consistent drag pressure.

It also comes with a captive spool release which makes changing between spools really easy. Available online and come in a variety of sizes and two colors; black and titanium. See them here at Amazon

3) Cheeky Tyro Fly Reel:

Affordability meets performance and value in this cheeky tyro fly reel available at Amazon for less than $200. Made from both of the die casting and CNC machining process, they are unique because they can easily be used by any level of enthusiastic fly fishermen.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to this sport or a veteran because with the tyro fly reel you are sure to catch plenty of fish this season. Measuring around 3 inches in diameter and weighing only 4.6 oz it is lightweight and compact.

The 300 wire carbon drag system will halt any trout and it has the B2 Channel technology which provides more than enough line capacity.

The reel comes with a quick change spool and simple L/R Retrieve conversion. A reel case is included when you make this purchase. You can see them here at Amazon.

Fly Fishing Waders:

Waders are designed to keep you dry. They will also protect you against chilly, cold water. As they come up to your chest, they also protect you while you do fishing in deeper water. Waders are available in different forms, breathable, neoprene, and rubber.

For fly fishing go for neoprene waders as they are strong and insulated and keep you warm even in the coldest water. Also, neoprene can float so you will not feel dragged down by its weight when you are in deeper water. Here we have discussed three of the best waders available for you online.

1)Redington Sonic Pro HDZ:

For fly fishers, good quality waders are very important and Redington has provided the perfect solution.

The Sonic Pro HDZ is a refined and advanced model of the previous Sonic Pro HD Wader.

While retaining its basic features such as comfort and durability, it now also incorporates the waterproof TZIP zipper.

It has a 3.5 mm neoprene boot with 4 mm bottom. All of this provides additional comfort and protects against punctures.

There are snap tabs which can easily secure the zippers plus two-sided fleece hand warmer pockets. The hardware is anti-corrosive and water resistant.

A slim wading belt accompanies the waders. With a Redington sonic pro HDZ on you, you are sure to maximize your time in the water. Check them here on Amazon

2)White River Fly Shop ECO-CLEAR Breathable Waders for Men:

Sometimes while fly fishing, unwanted organisms can latch onto your gear. But with white river waders, you can have an eco clear conscience. This is because they have used a unique material to keep these organisms off you.

The waders feature a high grade 5 layer nylon which is laminated with a breathable and waterproof membrane. The boots are fully lined with neoprene for warmth and comfort.

The soles are made up of crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound which helps them being eco-friendly. The organizer pockets are zippered and suspenders are elastically adjustable. Available online for around $230.

3)Caddis Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Waders For Men:

Weather is unpredictable but your waders shouldn’t be. For all those times when the mornings are cool and the days long and hot, the ideal product for an all-around breathable wader is the Caddis Deluxe. Its secret lies in its fabric.

The Caddis Dry fabric is waterproof and has a breathable layer which does not allow water molecules to pass through. It will make you comfortable in all seasons as there will be no build up of moisture. It’s also attractive as it has a two-tone taupe color.

Made of heavy-duty polyester material it has reinforced knees and attached gravel guards. The seams are glued and stitched with a new quad pocket. Available in a range of sizes especially for people with bulkier frames. You can check the prices here on Amazon

Fly Fishing Jacket:

There are always chances of rain when you go for fly-fishing so an important fly fishing safety equipment is to buy something that will protect you from it.

There are many options from ponchos to rain suit but the best is to buy a jacket that is lightweight and waterproof. It also comes with a full hood to protect your head. Here we have selected the three best jackets on the internet.

1)ORVIS Encounter Jacket:

If sudden and unexpected rain is hampering your plans of fishing do not just delay your plans because Orvis encounter jacket is here to save your day.

Throw it up over your waders and enjoy fly fishing as it is completely waterproof that will prevent rain from seeping in. It has a breathable membrane that blocks out the winds too.

Made of nylon and equipped with a fully adjustable hood, it is designed with a minimalistic approach in mind having a chest pocket that is zippered where you can put your fly box.

The jacket can compress easily into a vest or your backpack and makes an essential travel item. Reaching to your hip and weighing just 11 ounces it is available online. Check them on Amazon

2)Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Wading Jacket:

If you are the type of fishermen who do not want to spend a lot on jackets then consider buying Frog Toggs Tekk Toad Wading Jacket. Available at Amazon the price is depending upon the size you choose, it is available in stone color.

What’s special about this jacket is it is lightweight and breathable but also 100% waterproof. Made from 100% nylon and using a Dripore breathable material it has 100 percent seam sealed and waterproof.

Comes with adjustable neoprene sleeves openings, adjustable cuffs, and storm hoods. It also has an expandable box pocket for tucking inside your fly box safely.

3)Marmot Men’s Precip Jacket:

Marmot men’s jackets are really cool because they re available in 19 colors. So this means there are lots of options for you to pick from.

Simply put, Marmot’s jacket is value oriented as it gives you maximum protection against the rain without making a big dent in your wallet.

It is reliable and can be used for fishermen as well as hikers. Made from nylon and polyurethane, it has a waterproof Marmot breathable material with 100% seam taped and pit zips.

It also has an attached adjustable hood that can roll onto the collar and comes equipped with a DrClime lined chin guard. Weighing just 11 ounces it is available at Amazon.

Fly Fishing Polarized Sunglasses:

Polarized sunglasses are essential safety equipment. Not only are they used for style, but the glasses also stop the fly entering into your eyes. As you are whizzing it back and forth, this kind of thing can actually happen.

Also, they remove the surface glare from the water so you can easily see the fish and target it with your fishing lines.

Some polarized glasses also protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Lenses are either made from polycarbonate or glass and can have different prices. Choose the ones that you are most comfortable with.

1)Costa Tasman Sea Polarized Sunglasses:

When you do not want to compromise on comfort, make way for Costa Tasman Sea Polarized sunglasses. The frame color is matte gray and made of the strong TR 90 nylon. These glasses are available with prescription lenses too.

Costa offers a lifetime limited guarantee and comes with its own Costa case and cleaning cloth. The lens material is 580p glass and its color is Green. Mirrors are also encapsulated between the layers of glass that are scratch proof providing you the best clarity you deserve.

Polarized lenses also kill the reflected glare and reduce eye strain. Protecting you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, these are available at Amazon.

2)Smith Chromapop Bronze:

These are the next thing in class and elegance. Just look at them and you realize what a piece of beauty they are, and they are not just for looks.

They have a Smith Magi lens change system that includes bright light and low light performance lenses. This is so you can change according to the weather and light conditions any time you want.

They are designed for optimized performance and fit on your face perfectly. This is because they use the two locking mechanism for lens security.

They also have a superb anti-fog technology and prevents optical distortion by using the patented Porex filter. The lens is carbonic and spherical providing a maximized field of view.

Available in different frames and lens colors on Amazon this one is truly for the fashion and performance enthusiasts.

3)Maui Jim Banyans Polarized Sunglasses:

For all active sportsmen in need of sunglasses, consider buying Maui Jim Banyans. Made in the USA they have a rimless frame made of acetate and a wraps shape.

The lenses are polarized, made of plastic and offers sun glare reduction and maximum UV ray’s protection.

The color of the lens is natural grey which offers the highest available light reduction and makes you see the richest color and sharpest contrast.

When compared to glass optics, it offers nearly the same clarity but with one-third of the weight. The frame is available in two different colors black and tortoise. They are available at Amazon.

Fly Fishing Footwear:

Wading boots are essential for your fly fishing safety equipment gear. They will protect you from the cold water and keep you dry. Also, they help you from slipping on rocks or the river bed.

Wading boots usually come with felt soles and can have neoprene socks added with them. If not, you can buy it separately.

It is important to buy one size larger than your standard shoes as the socks also require some space. Here are your options to buy the best fly fishing footwear.

1) Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots:

For multitasking footwear choose the award-winning Patagonia wading boots. These boots have been specially designed, keeping in mind the different conditions a fly fisher faces.

They have used the aluminum bar technology which makes the boot hard enough to cut through algae and slime, but also soft to conform to rock surfaces.

The grip is strong on muddy trails and they do not hold moisture, making them perfect for wading. On the upper, the lightweight synthetic clarino leather is used which is both supple and durable.

There is a monofilament mesh paneling that allows quick drainage. The sole is made of rubber and is sticky enough for the ultimate grip. Weighing around 4lbs they are available for purchase at Patagonia’s official store.

2) Duck fish Men’s Sticky Rubber Sole Wading Shoe:

As the name suggests, these shoes have a sticky rubber outsole which has self-cleaning properties so you do not need to worry about dust and other particles ruining your waders. The upper part of the shoe is made from 1200 Daniel polyester and has a neoprene triple padded collar for extra padded support.

The toe cap and back counter is made from PVC. There is also a heel pull loop for easy on and off. There are drain holes for letting the water out. Inexpensive at Amazon, and weighing about 3lbs, they are both economical and lightweight.

3) ORVIS encounter Wading Boots:

The Orvis wading boots have been designed keeping one thing in mind; durability. Built using a welted construction, they have felt sole and a wide rigid base. There are webbing loop eyelets for laces to be easily and evenly tightened.

The drainage holes keep out debris and a scratch rubber toe cap protects the wearer from abrasion and impact. Available in sizes from 5 to 14 they will fully meet the needs of the novice angler. Available online at Amazon.

Fly Fishing Flat Hats, Socks and Gloves:

Your eyes are not the only things that need protection from the sun. For your other body parts consider buying flat hats, sun gloves, and socks. Here are your choices:

1) Patagonia Long bill Stretch Fit Fly Fishing Cap:

The Patagonia long bill fishing cap is for those anglers who are tired of cupping their hands around the brim for fish spotting when they wear the normal baseball cap.

They have made the bill extra long with dark underside which not only shades your face but also feels easy on the skin all day.

Thanks to the comfortable and lightweight material polyester ripstop, the hat is also fast drying and modern. It is ideal for warm sunny conditions and provides extra coverage all day long.

Available in a lot of colors, you can buy it from the Patagonia official store for around $40.

2) Catch Release Fly fishing Embroidered Washed Cap:

For some people, fly-fishing is just not only a hobby but they live and breathe by it. It is imperative then that have safety gear that serves them right throughout the year in all seasons and climates.

The catch release fly fishing cap is great for anyone who loves to fly-fish in any weather. The material is thick, soft and light made of 100% cotton so you do not feel weighed down by it.

There is a small ventilation hole placed on each panel of the crown. The bill is stiff and pre curved while the crown is unconstructed.

It has six panels and can fit any person thanks to its adjustable buckle strap closure. Available in three colors; khaki, navy and olive green you can purchase it from Amazon.

3) Patagonia Sun Gloves:
As anglers have to face a lot of days right under the hot burning sun, the Patagonia sun gloves are perfect for both fresh and sea water fishing. They are fingerless so they allow full dexterity and it is easier for you to maintain a strong grip on your rod.

Using sun creams on your hands can result in sticky, slippery hands but if you wear these gloves you do not need to use any liquid sun cream as they already have a rating of SPF 30 UPF sun protection.

This means that a minimum amount of UV rays will pass through the fabric so your hands are protected and remain cool in hot weather. The gloves are made up of a lightweight and fast drying polyester and spandex fabric.

This fabric is highly durable so they are sure to remain with you for a long time. The fabric is also blue sign approved meaning the gloves are safe for the environment. Purchase them here from Amazon

4) Fly Fishing Neoprene Socks with Gravel Guard:

Imagine enjoying fly-fishing in the river or flats and suddenly your happiness comes to an end when small pebbles or grit manage to come inside your boot disrupting your magical experience.

It is not uncommon to find this scenario and avid fly fishers will agree that this uneasy and uncomfortable feeling can completely ruin the mood and day.

The fishing neoprene socks are built for this purpose. They are built specially to give you a secure fit and to keep the gravel out.

They do this by having an upper made of 3.5 mm neoprene which is soft and stretchy while the sole is made of dense neoprene that resists abrasion and compression.

The gravel guards can fold down and attach to your wading boots laces with built-in hooks. You can purchase them here from Amazon

Fly Fishing Sunscreen And Repellant:

Sunscreen should be used by all avid anglers to keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging their skin. As they spend a lot of time outdoors, buying an SPF 50 is recommended. Also, repellents are a piece of essential safety equipment as they will protect you from insects especially mosquitoes.

You will encounter these unwanted creatures in a huge number when you go fly fishing and keeping a repellent bottle or spray with you is always a good idea.

1) ELTA MD UV Sport:

Going out in the sun without protecting your face from its harmful glares is a big no. For maximum protection against the UV rays, try using the ELTA MD UV sport. It is excellent for people who love to be outdoors whether its fishing or any other sports.

The SPF 50 is water resistant so it will not rinse off when it comes in contact with water. Neither will it drip into your eyes or sting your face when you sweat.

The powerful Zinc in this formula provides broad-spectrum sun protection. It is oil-free and applies easily on the skin even if it’s wet.

The anti-oxidant protection combats skin aging free radicals by eliminating UVA and UVB rays to penetrate into your skin. Can be used not only on the face but all over the body. Available online at Amazon.

2) Dermolagica Protection Sport:

Doctors recommend using a sunscreen in all weather conditions as your skin needs to shield itself from skin aging environmental assault. For an all over weather protection sunscreen, consider the dermatological protection sport specially made for people who love to be outdoors.

It is water resistant for up to 40 minutes and has a feather-light formula that blends smoothly into the skin. There is no sign of residue after you have applied it evenly and liberally so you are not left with an uncomfortable film after its application. It is parabens and gluten free and they have added no artificial fragrances or colors.

There is no greasy after feel in its oil-free formula. Also added are oeosome microspheres that help enhance SPF performance and counteract moisture loss. The SPF 50 offers a broad spectrum of sun protection in extended daylight exposures. Available at Amazon.

3)Sawyer Insect Repellent:

If you are looking for an insect repellent that will be not harmful to your lines or flies, consider buying the Sawyer Fisherman formula.

Many anglers do not like to put on any repellent because they think that it will cause problems in their fishing. The fact cannot be avoided that on average a fly fishermen face a lot of bugs, insects, and mosquitoes when they are out on water.

Any DEET based repellent will cause damage to your fly line but this formula contains Picaridin which works well, is not stinky and harsh when applied and is almost odorless. It is available in both lotion and spray varieties, with the spray one being quicker and easier to apply.

It can be applied to both skin and clothing. Most importantly it is the longest lasting repellent available providing up to 14 hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks and up to 8 hours for other insects. The pump spray is of 4 oz and available at Amazon.

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