Incidental Items

Fly Fishing Landing Net Soft Rubber Mesh

This is a very good net for catch and release fly fishermen and women.

SF catch and release net features a soft, clear rubberized net material that’s gentle on the fish and won’t tangle, rot or mildew.

The clear color won’t spook fish because it virtually disappears underwater.

The frame is made from laminated bamboo and hardwood.

Perfect net for fly fishing on your favorite river, lake, or stream.

The handle is about 9″, Hoop 9.5 x 16″, Deep 10″.360 degree copper swivel at the end of the handle.

Fly Fishing Tools and Accessories Combo

This kit comes with a fishing clipper, bent nose forceps, 2 zinger retractors, a jig cleaner, and coiled lanyard

7.3″ fishing clamps with curved tip, EVA grip, self locking handle and serrated jaw structure

Jig eye tool cleans excess paint out of jig head, Anglers choice eye punch tool

Round zinger with 24″/ 60cm nylon cord and oval zinger with 24″/ 60cm nylon cord, 1.5 oz/ 45g retraction force

This is a great gift for most fishermen, do not go fly fishing without this tool kit

Leader Holder

FishPond Headgate Tippet Holder

This Headgate Tippet Holder is made of Anodized aerospace aluminum

Retractor/lanyard attachment hole

Replaceable razor blade line cutter

Holds 7 tippet spools

Secure spring loaded pull for access to change spools

Flies Assortment Kit with Waterproof Fly Box

LIGHT ENOUGH–Small Light Weight Flies that will sure draw the attention of the fish

WELL MADE QUALITY FLIES–Hand-tied by professionals with sharp carbon steel hooks

MULTI COLOR TO CHOOSE FOR DIFFERENT SITUATIONS–21 different styles, 6 different hook sizes, 5 different files,allows the option of fishing in various conditions

EXTREMELY LIFE LIKE PATTERNS–Vivid colors, easy to draw the game fishes attention, suitable for flowing water;

Wide variety of colors allows the option of fishing in various conditions

WATERPROOF TACKLE BOX: Dimension: approx. 5.11″(L) * 3.5″ (W) *1.57″ (H). Double ABS side, more sturdy

Face Clothing Neck Gaiter Mask

MULTI USE – This multi-use head wear is designed to always be mission ready.

Whether you’re in the back country, on the water or cutting a mountain trail, these face and neck covers are designed to protect you from the outdoor elements.

If you’re a professional tactical operator or simply a weekend warrior looking for your next adventure.

These gaiters provide superior protection when hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, running, riding motorcycles or skiing the snow covered back trails.

SUPERIOR DESIGN – Unlike other leading brands, our unique design outperforms the competition while staying in place over your nose, even during strenuous activities.

Thanks to our utilization of cutting-edge fabric welding technology, our multi-wraps won’t slip off your face or curl up at the edges.

KEY FEATURES – Made from a Thin-lightweight and Breathable moisture wicking polyester microfiber

These soft, seamless and stretchable neck gaiters are designed to draw away sweat quickly.

This technology keeps you cool & dry in the hot sun and also provides warmth & protection in cold weather.

Our head wraps provide UV protection up to UPF 20 

Fly Fishing Lanyard Braided Paracord Neckvest Strap

This fly fishing tool holder lanyard comes with afoam neck pad for extreme all-day comfort

Classic design, it’s made of 550 braided paracord, breakaway feature for safety using it.

Hand woven trout lanyard comes with 1 x zinger retractor and 1 x wood fly dryer

5 snap swivel hooks to hold your fly fishing gadgets easily, 1 shirt clamp can clip to shirt

Keeps all fishing tools at your fingertips and ready to use

Portable Outdoor Fishing Tackle Bags Multiple Waist Bag Fanny Pack


Super light outdoor pack with multi pockets. The KHAKI fishing bag weighs only 10.50oz.

Durable and practical for fishing hiking cycling climbing and travel.

A necessary pack to keep your essentials you need and easy to get while on-the-go


Dimensions of the fishing waist pack 12.2″L x 4.7″W x 5.3″H, The main double zippered pocket is 9″x 3.4″ x 5.3″ good size for a wallet checkbook etc.

The main compartment has an internal pouch for storing the the licenses, wallets, etc

A ZIPPERED POCKET ON THE BACK WHICH FLUSHES TO YOUR BODY – This 6″x5.3″ pocket enlarges the storage of the fishing waist bag.

It is a great area to put your passport, cell phone (No missing any phone calls) and something you don’t want others seeing easily


The wait belt provides a quick and easy personalized fit up to 56″ with the quick release buckle.

Meanwhile, there is a hook & loop fastener for holding the extra part of the belt

DESIGNED WITH 5 OUTER POCKETS – 2 additional zippered pockets, 1 mesh pocket on and 2 hook & loop fastener pockets offer lot of organized space.

The right mesh pocket helps to keep your water bottle. The left one can keep your keys

Hodgman Neoprene Wading Shoes

Hodgman, is one of the most trusted name is waders and outdoor gear

Made using high quality duarable materials.

Tested for quality and reliability

It is recommend for you to find your regular shoe size in the Traditional Shoe Size section and order the corresponding Hodgman wade boot in the

Recommended Hodgman Wade Boot section.

Typically this is one size up for men and one size down for women. Additionally if you wear a half size typically going up one half size will suffice (For example if you wear size 9.5 then a 10 will typically fit comfortably)

3.5mm neoprene uppers

Cuff adjustment around the upper heel

YKK durable zipper

Rubber out sole and toe protection

Anglers Accessories Gehrke’s Gink Fly Dressing

This is what you need if you are dri-fly fishing. This dry fly dressing helps you keep your flies on top of the water.

Optical VisorMag Clip-On Magnifying Lens for Hats

This is a very good item for us older fly fishermen it makes it easier to tie on my flies.

Clip onto Cap or hat Visors

Flip up to store -flip down for use

Ideal for Fly Fishing and Close work in or outdoors

Protective soft pouch included

2.25x power equivalent to +5.00 diopters

Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station with Tools and Materials

This is a good starter kit it come with most of the things to get you started

Wooden Fly Tying Station with Tools and Materials

Great Fly Tying Station to hold your tools and materials

Includes 11 Tools.

Includes Fly Tying Materials and Book

Light weight