Tired Of Getting Wet? Best 8 Rain Jackets For Fly Fishing

Every serious fly fisherman should own a good wading jacket. A little rain should never stop a day of fly fishing or even a downpour for that matter! Persisting through the elements and still having a good time is all about your gear. You can happily fish through some nasty conditions with the right equipment!

Whether or not the weather turns truly brutal, it’s great when you own a highly packable garment. One that can cut the wind and help keep you dry in any amount of rain.

It’s an easily overlooked item for even the most die-hard fishermen, but it’s an item absolutely worth owning.

If you’re interested in a wading jacket for cutting the wind in exposed areas, or just to stay dry in the event of sudden rain. Maybe you just want to be prepared for anything this is one of the best items you can own as a die-hard angler!

A good wading jacket should pack small, and allow freedom of motion while actively fishing and of course, is effectively wind and waterproof.

A good wading jacket should also have a few features specific to fishing to support you on the water and maintain breathability despite being impenetrable to water.

Best Wading Jacket For Fly Fishing In Rain


Gore-Tex was the first waterproof-breathable laminate invented, and since its inception, it’s been associated with high-end outerwear.

But now almost every brand has its own in-house technology, and there are other manufacturers, like Pertex and Polartec, that make similar fabrics.

There are certainly other technologies now that can match Gore-Tex for being waterproof, Polartec’s Neoshell, and Dry. Q from Mountain Hardware.

Care and maintenance

Dirt can clog up your waterproof-breathable layer, so you need to wash your jacket every now and then. In addition, you might need to revitalize the DWR layer after you take it out of the wash.

DWR stands for “durable water repellent,” and it’s a coating sprayed on the outside of your jacket.

If you notice your jacket is wetting out or that the water no longer beads off the surface. But instead is absorbing it into the top layer then it’s time to refresh the DWR. This can be done by tossing the jacket in the dryer, physically re-applying the layer with a product like Nikwax TX. direct or even by ironing the outside of it.

To find out which method is best for you then check the specific care instructions for the material your jacket is made out of.

Orvis Men’s Pro Wading Jacket 

Orvis Men's Pro Wading Jacket
Orvis Men’s Pro Wading Jacket

Taking a new path, Orvis redesigned this new Orvis Clearwater Wading Jacket to best suit your protection needs while fishing. Anglers mostly get water splashed on their face and chest area leaving them looking all wet and messy.

However, this isn’t a reason to keep you off what you love. Wear and wade like a master. See what makes this jacket just right for you:

Key Features and Specifications

  • The polyester material that is used makes the entire jacket waterproof making you warm and dry even in winter.
  • The material makes the jacket light in weight allowing you to cast with ease. Construction is breathable and allows air circulation to keep you warm.
  • Its zippers are YKK Aquaguard and do not allow seepage protecting your chest area from cold or any water splashes. The front zipper runs from the bottom of the jacket to the top upper neck. The other is a shorter-length zipper on the bellow pocket.
  • The hood that is attached to the jacket is of E-Z design and is lined with fleece and its design fully covers your head and encroaches to the forehead area.
  • The pockets have fleece liners that make your hands warm. Then two front pockets that are spacious enough to put in your fly boxes and to allow you access your gear easily.
  • In total, the jacket has 6 pockets two with a flip on the cover two hand warmers and one outer with a zipper to keep it closed and an internal zipper to protect your phone or keys.
  • On the chin pad of the hood is a liner that retains your body warmth and keeps your temperatures moderate when it is freezing.
  • The waist area has a stretchy cord that is adjustable in case you want to wear it tight. This is useful to protect your upper body in case you get into deep water.
  • The sleeves have cuffs that are completely sealed and adjustable. If you want it tight or loose, feel free to set your tension.
  • The D loop attachment point on the back is excellent for adding a landing net magnetic point. Fly patch on upper right chest great for putting flies to dry after use or picking your selection for the day.
  • The available sizes are the small, medium, large, extra-large and double-extra-large size.

All these features put together will help to keep you free from cold and a limited lifetime warranty on this jacket is highlighted that will excite you. You can check prices here on Amazon

Patagonia Minimalist Wading Jacket 

Patagonia Minimalist Wading Jacket
Patagonia Minimalist Wading Jacket

Anglers and sportsmen must have heard of the prowess Patagonia brags off when it comes to their gear. Trust their jackets to be of extremely high quality and excellent performance.

Favoring your health by offering maximum protection to your upper body, Patagonia Minimalist Wading jacket is everything you need in your closet for your outdoor sporting sessions. You will love its lightweight feature.

Main Features and Specifications

  • The 2.5-layer construction of the nylon material adds to the jacket’s thermal properties making sure you are warm and dry during all seasons.
  • The breathability rate of the jacket is very high courtesy of the high-quality mesh fabric that allows proper ventilation. Stuffiness becomes a thing of the past. Nylon is 100% weatherproof.
  • The storm hood is big enough to accommodate braided hair and coverage goes down to the forehead and parts of your cheeks. You can easily adjust it to whichever tension you feel is comfortable.
  • The hood has an attachment that elongates the neck area allowing it to cover up to the chin area making your head area warmer.
  • Cuffs are adjustable to prevent weather elements from slipping through and affecting your health.
  • On the bottom of the waist area, a drawcord, if fitted, will allow you to adjust the jacket for your comfort.
  • There are four pockets on the jacket, two are on the chest area, one on each side and accessed via strong and durable zippers.
  • These chest pockets are big enough to accommodate fly boxes and other accessories you will need while sporting.
  • The other two are handwarmer pockets accessed via zippers and have their interior parts lined with fleece to add to the jacket’s thermal properties.
  • If your hands are not engaged, feel free to get them warm.
  • The frontal zipper that runs from the bottom of the jacket to the top neck area is reinforced with a storm flap to enhance its weatherproof feature.
  • Available in Alpha green color, this jacket can be found in various sizes-small, medium, large, extra-large, and double-extra-large.

Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket 

Mariners and anglers love this warm and comfortable Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket made of neoprene. While Stormr is concerned about your safety, it ensures its jackets are well crafted to protect you from adverse weather conditions.

This neoprene and Fusion Vapr technology employed during manufacturing adds up to its durability. Whether in fresh or saltwater, the jacket serves you diligently due to its ability to withstand the harsh environment.

Main Features and Specifications

  • The neoprene material is 100% water and windproof ensuring you remain dry and warm every time. The interior part is lined with fleece which is known for its high heat retention ability. Forget about feeling frozen.
  • Its seams are glued, blind stitched and well finished to make it durable and boost its weatherproofing properties.
  • The waist area is made with a tight seal to prevent elements of weather that can negatively affect you from slipping through. An adjustable shock cord allows you to tighten or loosen your waist area.
  • All of the zippers are weather resistant. The two shorter ones are for accessing the pockets. The longer frontal zipper runs from the bottom to the neck area with ease.
  • The hood is big enough to cover your head and part of your face protecting you from the wind, cold, rain and splashing water. It rolls over the up collar and doesn’t cause any discomfort.
  • Its two lower pockets one on each side are accessed via durable water-resistant zippers that prevent its contents from being damaged by water.
  • Their interiors are lined with fleece to make it warmer for you when your hands are not engaged. They are spacious enough to accommodate fly boxes and other sporting accessories.
  • Cuffs on this jacket are fitting enough but not tight. Chances of wind or water getting through to your arms are very minimal.
  • Sizes available for purchase are small, medium, large, extra-large, double-extra-large and triple-extra-large.

The aesthetic aspect of this Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket will marvel you because neoprene’s quality is unique and good looking. If you spend most of your time fly fishing or working out in the open, this jacket is ideal for you.

There is also a camo version great for stalking although it comes at a bit of a price increase over the plain jacket.

You can check it out Here on Amazon

Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket 

Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket
Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket

There has been a great evolution in how men think about their appearance. Especially sportsmen some men love to be associated with class and have executive features and the Patagonia Tough Puff Wading jacket will never disappoint.

This jacket is striking yet having exemplary service delivery due to its outstanding weatherproof features that you will love. If your hubby loves to go fly fishing, this is the perfect birthday gift to give him it is stylish and affordable.

Main Features and Specifications

  • Polyester as the main material used in manufacturing is water repellent and windproof leaving you dry and warm. The mechanical stretch feature is a feature you will appreciate.
  • You don’t have to give away the jacket in case you start puffing up. The 2.5-layer construction adds to the thermal properties of this jacket.
  • Breathability is made possible from the mesh fabric on the interior side. The durable water repellent finish adds to its weatherproof feature.
  • Two pockets on the chest area are large and spacious to accommodate your fly boxes and other small sporting items you need.
  • Two other hand-warmer pockets are lined with fleece to make your hands warm when not busy. All these pockets are accessed via high-quality zippers.
  • The cuffs are highly elastic to keep your wrist and arms dry and warm by preventing weather elements from slipping through and causing discomfort.
  • The storm hood has an elastic band to make it fit each time you put it on. Whether bending back or forth, it can’t get off.
  • All zippers are durable and water-resistant. The main frontal zipper protects your chest from cold and the zippers on the pockets keep your items free from damage by water and mud.
  • Available colors are in black and bay blue. Sizes range from small, medium, large, extra-large to double-extra-large.
  • Good on moist days but better with an outer light waterproof jacket on really wet days.

Purchasing the best wading jacket doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The Patagonia Tough Puff Wading jacket is very affordable and it performs its protective functions extremely well. Despite being lightweight, it is stretchy so it will allow you to put it on even if you are speedily adding weight.

Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket 

Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket
Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket

Jack is a dull boy without any playtime so don’t be like him go out and have fun but in the right gear. The Patagonia River Wading Jacket is all that you will need in your sports bag.

It is designed to cater for all your protective needs, you are sure to remain dry and warm even in a storm. Those with cold allergies or ailments aggravated by cold shouldn’t hold back their urge to go out. As long as you have this all-weather jacket, stomp out like never before.

Main Features and Specifications

  • The polyester material used is 100% water and windproof. Designed with twill infused microfiber, this jacket has a very high breathability rate for free air circulation especially during summer when you sweat a lot.
  • The four-layer construction makes this jacket durable and warmer. The durable water repellent finish makes a water slide off rapidly.
  • There are three pockets on the outer side, two main pockets are large enough to accommodate fly boxes and other accessories and are accessed via zippers. It has one pocket on each side.
  • On the right side, the pocket is a smaller pocket with a zipper. The interior side has a security pocket to keep your valuables. A mesh pocket is on the inner right side to offer more storage space.
  • The frontal zipper is strong enough and prevents the entry of water and cold to your chest.
  • Cuffs are adjustable and weather-resistant to keep your arms all dry and warm by keeping off weather elements like the cold.
  • The bottom hem is fitted with durable draw-cords to allow you to adjust the waistline to the tension you feel is comfortable.
  • The storm hood is big enough to cover your head area. The neck of the jacket is elongated to protect your neck region and chin area from cold.
  • On the neck, extensions are press buttons that close with those on the hood to ensure it fits better and doesn’t blow off when on a high-speed boat.
  • Available in ash tan color, you can get this jacket in small, medium, large, extra-large and double-extra-large sizes.

Simms Guide Women’s Wading Jacket  

Anglers who find fly fishing a thing for life will tell you that bad weather doesn’t exist-only bad gear. They are right. Simms makes sure that you can beat the ‘bad’ weather and enjoy fly fishing. The jacket is built with class and you will need to spend more to have one.

Main Features and Specifications

  • The jacket has a three-layer GORE-TEX construction to keep you warm in all seasons. Breathability and waterproofness ensure you are dry and this technology makes the jacket durable.
  • YKK zippers are water-resistant and function well. They do not rust or get corroded when exposed to water or other elements that can affect it. The main zipper protects your chest area which is more vulnerable to the effects of cold.
  • The six pockets are enough to store your items and if you are not a heavy packer, you can have everything you need in the jacket.
  • The two chest pockets have zippers so they can be used to carry your fly boxes. The inner side has a stretch woven pocket which you can put your valuable items like jewelry, cash, cards, keys, and phone.
  • Two handwarmer pockets for your hands when free and a big storage pocket at the back to store your fishing gear or your lunch box.
  • Shingle cuffs are watertight and prevent water or cold from going up the sleeves.
  • Its hood is spacious and adjustable to keep your head protected from the wind. The wind cutting collar is a great feature to cover your upper chest and neck area. If you have a small-sized head, it reaches your chin.
  • Available sizes are extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large.

Proper care and maintenance are important for durability. Care instructions are indicated on the Simms website and should be strictly followed. You wouldn’t want to lose such a high-end jacket to ignorance.

Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket  

Whether or not you spend upwards of 300 days a year on the water, you want gear that won’t let you down when you do get to spend some quality time on the river. Because it has a three-layer Gore-Tex outer shell.

The Simms Men’s G3 Guide jacket handles everything from drizzly days on the Olympic Peninsula to stormy days in the Rockies. A burly 70-denier face fabric resists the wear and tear only a river can dish out.

While the fully adjustable hood lets you hunker down when the rain starts to fall on a slant. The water-resistant dry cuffs help seal out the water when you release your catch.

The six pockets along the front of the jacket will give you a place to keep a couple of your fly boxes close at hand.

Main Features and Specifications

  • Nylon material is 100% water and windproof. The GORE-TEX technology is used to design the three-layered fabric to add to the jacket’s thermal properties.
  •  Wading in the coldest waters shouldn’t get you worried.  The interior side of this jacket is made of breathable material for easy air movement during all seasons. No feeling stuffy.
  •  Storage pockets, seven in number, are large and spacious to accommodate all your essentials and valuables. Organizing becomes easier.
  • The two main pockets are in the chest area there is one on each side. A zippered pocket is on each main pocket.
  • One stash pocket in the interior and two microfleece hand-warmer pockets accessed via zippers to keep your hands warm when not engaged.
  • Cuffs are waterproof and keep your sleeves dry.
  • The storm hood is big and can be adjusted to three points depending on how fitting you want it. In case you want your head out for a few minutes, tuck the hood away to avoid it getting into your way.
  •  On the bottom hem is a dual draw-cord that can be adjusted to prevent elements of weather from slipping into your jacket to your upper body.
  • All of the zippers are made in the YKK Aquaguard design making them completely weather resistant.
  • The frontal zipper that runs from the bottom of the jacket to the neck area allows your chest to be fully covered and protected from the effects of weather elements.
  • Zippers accessing the pockets protect all their contents from destruction by water.

If you want a light jacket that is comfortable and the best to have when fly fishing then the Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket is just what you need. You will love its durability and excellent weatherproof performance.

Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket

Simms G4 pro wading jacket
Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket

Shopping for the best wading jacket can be hectic due to the many brands available in the market. Keep in mind that not every piece of fabric in these stores is original, high quality and durable. In fact, counterfeit jackets have flooded the market for the past few years.

When you spot Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket be sure to pick it for its authenticity and high performance. You will love its weatherproof features.

Main Features and Specifications

  • Nylon is 100% weatherproof protecting you from the effects of adverse weather. The three-layer fabric construction makes the jacket comfortable and warm to wear.
  • Breathability is enhanced by the mesh material on the inside part of the jacket allowing free air circulation.
  • Zippers are water-resistant and made using the YKK VISIONARY Aquaguard technology.
  • 9 pockets on the jacket are spacious enough to accommodate fly boxes, accessories and all your valuables.
  • On the chest area are two bellowed pockets and two zippered pockets.
  • Other pockets are 1 inner pocket, 1 tippet pocket, 1 sleeve pocket and 1 back pocket that is large enough to store your fishing net and other accessories.
  • The hood is big enough to cover your entire head, forehead and cheek areas. To make it fit, it comes with three adjustment points. If you feel like airing your head, you can tuck it away.
  • Cuffs are fitting and weather-resistant to keep your arms dry and warm.
  • The bottom hem is fitted with a dual draw-cord. This cord is for adjusting the waist area of your jacket to any tension that you feel is comfortable.
  • You can find this Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket in small, medium, large, extra-large and double-extra-large size.

Simms ensures that its wading gear is made from high-grade material to ensure they are durable. For a longer-lasting experience with this Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket.

be sure that you maintain it by following the cleaning and laundering instructions on the tag found on the inner backside of the jacket. Doing this will save you the cost of purchasing a new jacket each year.

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