Where To Fly Fish In Idaho?

Where To Fly Fish In Idaho?
It seems that this is a question that we get asked a lot. The biggest and best answer is, that just about anywhere there is water it is good for fly fishing. Below this, there are 12 places that are very good for fly fishing.

The beautiful state of Idaho provides anglers a large array of different types of fishing waters. From the large reservoirs to the small winding rivers.

Idaho provides fisherman opportunity to catch trout, bass, panfish, walleye, and sturgeon among many other species of fish. The following are twelve very good fly angling places in the state.

CJ Strike Reservoir:

C. J. Strike Reservoir

This 6,759-acre body of water sits in the southwest corner of the state just south of Boise. The reservoir plays home to a wide variety of fish species, making it a popular destination.

Fish species include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, a variety of trout and various salmon species as well.

This is a great family spot as a variety of camping spots and recreation opportunities await guests on the CJ Strike Reservoir.

Lake Lowell:

Located just west of Boise near the Oregon border, this 8,829-acre lake is a bass fishermen’s haven.

This reservoir brings in a lot of anglers that target the big largemouth bass that calls Lake Lowell their home.

The lake also is home to many other species including brook trout, steelhead, salmon, and sturgeon. Bow fishing for carp has also become popular on the lake as well.

Many camping opportunities exist around the area as well.

Brownlee Reservoir:

Brownlee Reservoir

This body of water sits right on the western part of the state along the Oregon border.

The reservoir is a dammed-up portion of the Snake River and the body sits at 13,000 acres and stretches over 50 miles long.

Many access points exist along with the parks along the reservoir. Brownlee Reservoir has lots of popular game fish including panfish, largemouth bass, catfish, trout and smallmouth bass.

Fishermen flock to Brownlee to chase the active smallmouth population, an extremely fun fish to catch along the whole stretch of the reservoir.

Lake Cascade:

Lake Cascade

One of the largest bodies of water in the state at over 27,000 acres, this body sits on the western side of Idaho north of Boise.

Lake Cascade is a popular family spot with many great camping opportunities around the lake.

It is also a heavy lake for recreation from jet skiing to water skiing. But, the fishing opportunities are great as well for bluegill, crappie, perch, bass, salmon, and trout.

Oakley Reservoir:

This body of water sits on just over 1,000 acres and is in the very southern portion of the state just north of the Utah and Nevada borders.

The Oakley Reservoir is a popular destination in Idaho because it is one of the very few bodies of water where fishermen can chase walleye.

Other species with abundance in the lake are perch and rainbow trout. The state record walleye came out of the Oakley Reservoir in 2009.

Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir:

salmon Falls Creek Reservoir

A short drive south of Twin Falls, this large reservoir in Idaho’s high desert provides tons of fishing options with boat ramps and long shorelines. The BLM manages Lud Drexler Park and campground near the dam.

Facilities available depend on access location. Road conditions may deteriorate when saturated. You can help maintain the natural beauty of this unique area by driving on existing roads when they are dry. Winter may offer ice fishing, depending on local conditions.


From E 3600 N on US Hwy 93 in Twin Falls go 21 miles south to Rogerson. Turn west onto the Jarbidge/Three Creek Rd (1520 N Rd) and continue 7.5 miles to the dam. The boat ramp access is beyond the campground.

Several dirt roads heading west from Hwy 93 south of Rogerson provide access to the central portion of the reservoir. These include Greys Landing, Norton Bay, and other informal access points.

Swan Falls Dam:

A relatively small body of water at only 470 acres, the Swan Falls Reservoir sits in the central portion of the state in the canyons just outside of Kuna, Idaho.

The main attraction on this body of water for anglers is the smallmouth bass population. Catfish are another popular species with panfish and sturgeon opportunities also existing.

Snake River:

Snake River

This river flows all the way through the state of Idaho as a branch of the larger Columbia River. Many tributaries and branches exist in the state and fishermen flock to the river for the many fly fishing opportunities.

Rainbow and elusive brown trout are the usual prey of anglers. The pure beauty surrounding the river throughout the state makes it a great fly fishing getaway.

Little Salmon River:

Little Salmon River

The Little Salmon River is located in the northwest portion of the state, this tributary of the Salmon River winds through the most beautiful part of the state.

Anglers chase the rainbow, cutthroat, and bull trout around the winding river and shore fishing opportunities with a fly rod are plentiful on the Little Salmon River.

The Little Salmon River stretches about 51 miles along the western portion of the state.

The Big Wood River:

This river is a 137 mile-long stretch of water that branches off and runs to the Snake River and then into the Columbia River.

The Big Wood River runs through the central part of the state and the serenity and scenery around the river are breathtaking.

The trout fishing on the Big Wood is spectacular and anglers flock to the river in the summertime to chase rainbow, brown, and brook trout by fly fishing and casting.

Silver Creek, There are Two:

Silver Creek

This silver Creek Sits just outside of Garden Valley, Idaho in the west-central part of the state, Silver Creek is a fly fisherman’s paradise.

The area surrounding Silver Creek is known as Peace Valley, and one trip there can easily show why the name holds true.

Brown and rainbow trout are the preferred species to chase in the creek. Tourists also flock to the area for hiking and birdwatching adventures in the area surrounding Silver Creek.

The Silver Creek Campground is located about 25 miles north of Garden Valley, Idaho, in the beautiful Peace Valley at an elevation of 4,490 feet. Peace Valley offers a variety of great trails.

Silver Creek

This Silver Creek above is about 40 miles south of Sun Valley Idaho. It is often called the “crown jewel” of spring creeks in the Rockies.

Silver Creek is known as a world-class fishery by many fly fishing anglers. There are many people who come from all over to fish this well, known fishery.

It is in a great location as there are 4 other fisheries that are in the close proximity of this creek.

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