Why Should I Join Fly Fishing Clubs

Why Should I join Fly Fishing Clubs?

Why should I join fly fishing clubs? You should join fly fishing clubs because some of them might offer Fly Tying Classes for both Beginners and Experts, Casting Instructions, Rod Building Classes, Monthly Outings or get-togethers to meet new people to fish with.

When I started fly fishing over 40 years ago I wish There had been some fly fishing clubs. This would have made it so much easier to learn how to do all of these things below.  Some of these things were hard to figure out but I got it done it just took me awhile.

With the internet that is available today, it will be easy to find a fly fishing club in your area. There are probably several different clubs within a 2-hour drive or less. You might also go to your local fly fishing shop and ask them if there is a club around.

When you join a fly fishing club here are just some of the things that you can learn.

Where To Fish:

The people that are in the club will be able to help you figure out some good place to fish. This can be a big help if you are new and just learning to fly fish.

There are several things you will have to figure out or decide on. They will start with where are you going to be fishing. Things like small creeks and streams or bigger rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Fly Rods:

Most fly fishing clubs will have some veterans of the sport that can help decide which rod to get. This is because it will depend on where you are going to be fishing, small or big water.

The size of the rod will depend on where and what you will be fishing for. You don’t want to fish for panfish or small trout with an 8 or 10 weight rod.

This would be like trying to use a sledgehammer to drive in finish nails in your door trim. So knowing what type of fish you are mainly going to fish for when you start is so important.

This will make your fly fishing experience so much more pleasurable. Some of the fly fishing clubs may have rod building classes which you might enjoy. They can teach you how to make fly rods, as well as casting, or spinning rods.

Casting Instructions:

There are some fly fishing clubs that have casting classes that can teach you the proper way to cast. This is also true of the many different types of casts that there are.

Sometimes they will get together and one guy or gal will show you how to roll cast. Another one will show you how to cast so you can dry out your fly called false casting.

Then one will show you how to do the standard cast. In a standard cast, the rod and fly line is lifted with smooth motion in an up-and-back direction.

Some fly fishing clubs will even have casting classes for kids of the members. Sometimes kids will learn easier from someone other than their parents.

I know this because my son learned faster from his uncle than from me. Some clubs will have fishing derbies for all kids that want to learn how to fish. This helps kids who come from broken homes or does not have a parent that can do it.

There Are Lots Of Fly Fishing Clubs:

After checking online I found that there a 7 fishing clubs within an hour of me. I knew of a couple but I did not know there was that many.

Some of these classes will also have fly tying classes for both beginners as well as experts. They will usually have one class where they show you how to tie dry flies. There are hundreds and hundreds of different Dry flies in all shapes and sizes. Then they will have a class on how to tie Streamers.

Streamer flies try to look like leeches, minnows, sculpins, and other types of larger things fish eat. Then there is the Nymph fly. The nymph is considered by some to be the most productive of all of the flies to use.

This is due to the fact that fish, feed approximately 80% of the time underwater.  And this is how you fish a nymph, below the surface of the water.

Some Fly Fishing Clubs:

Most of the fly fishing clubs will have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for. The monthly newsletter is usually included in the club dues, but some clubs are free. The monthly newsletter is emailed to the members to save the club postage. I know of a couple of clubs that will still snail mail them to people that don’t have internet.

They usually have lots of information on how the water conditions are for a certain body of water. It will sometimes contain the information on how well and what flies are working best. They can keep you up to date on the old as well as the new members.

Monthly Meetings:

Most fly fishing clubs have monthly meetings where everyone can gather and share stories about their successes. These meetings can be a great stress relief for many people that still have to work. This is where the members can also plan out the outings and where they are going to be held.

They also plan the pickup and conservation projects for where the time and date. This is a very big concern of theirs because of our declining fisheries and natural resources.

I hate to admit it but some fishermen are nothing but pigs with no concern about anything but themselves. Three couples went on an outing and when we got our camp set up we went for a walk.

We walked on the shore and the bank of a stream that joined the reservoir. When we returned we had a big black garbage bag almost half full of garbage. This stuff consisted of bait canisters, bottles, cans, monofilament line, candy wrappers, dirty diapers, and other garbage.

This is why some people don’t allow fishermen to access the stream from their property. Then the people wonder why and call them inconsiderate well this is the reason.

But on a funny note, my wife calls it the big bull shippers meeting and when I asked her why. Here is her answer she said we would all rather lie when the truth sounds better.

Monthly Outings:

Many of the fly fishing clubs depending on their location has monthly outings every month. Some of the outings are overnight ones where they camp as well as fish but most are just day trips. In some areas, this could almost be impossible because of the weather conditions. I can’t see having a fly fishing outing in Minnesota in December or January that might be a little frigid.

But I could see an outing in January if we were ice fishing, that could be a lot of fun. There are some clubs that have family outings and the family comes out and fish or they just camp out. In some families, not everyone is going to be interested in fishing, but there lots of other things to do.

We had a campout this August and not everyone fished, some played lots of board games and card games. We had reserved a big campground at a reservoir and there was a community area. This area was covered and there were tables and benches where we all ate together it was fantastic.

Some people and there were several that just sat around and visited with each other and relaxed. There were a few that road their bikes around while some just took pictures of the beautiful outdoors. There were campers, trailers, tents some just slept on the ground and a couple of motorhomes were there.

Some guys had kayaks, float tubes, inflatable rafts, and two guys had even brought their boats. The guys who brought the boats spent a lot of time giving the kids who didn’t want to fish rides.

Here Are Some Other Reasons You Might Want To Join A Fly Fishing Club:

  • Would you like to enjoy fly fishing even more?
  • Are you interested in sharpening your casting and fly tying skills?
  • Would you like to enhance your fly fishing knowledge?
  • Do you believe that helping kids learn about fly fishing is important?
  • Are you concerned about our declining fisheries and natural resources?

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